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Paris Saint-Germain Academy Houston OPPORTUNITIES Paris Saint-Germain Academy is one of the largest youth soccer networks in the world, offering boys and girls advanced soccer programs. Players benefit from unique and exclusive local, national, and international opportunities.



Being part of Paris Saint-Germain Academy Los Angeles gives players direct access to exclusive events and the opportunity to be an integral member of a global network present in 5 continents, 15 countries, with 20,000 players and 250 coaches worldwide.


Paris Saint-Germain

Academy World Cup

Eligible categories are determined by Paris Saint-Germain every season

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy World Cup is the most prestigious youth international soccer tournament. The best Paris Saint-Germain Academy players from all over the world compete for the championship held annually in Paris. Players who compete in this tournament receive international exposure and represent their country with full immersion in a professional environment. Players receive a 100% VIP experience, including a visit to Paris, the Parc des Princes with a lap of honor during an official game, and compete in the exclusive Paris Saint-Germain Academy World Cup 3-day soccer tournament based on elite European standards.

(Upon Selection)

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Houston
Paris Saint-Germain Academy Houston

Visit from Technical

Directors from Paris Saint-Germain Headquarters

Every year, Paris Saint-Germain Academy players receive a visit from the Paris Saint-Germain Academy technical directors from the Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA Headquarters. The technical directors assess the level of players and upon selection, the most talented players may have the opportunity to participate in elite Paris Saint-Germain experiences in Paris or in the U.S.

Selection Camps


Players who take part in Selection Camps get an extraordinary 1-week experience with full immersion in a professional environment at the French National Soccer Team Training Center in Clairefontaine. Players live and train like professional players and learn from the official Paris Saint-Germain technical team from Paris.

(Upon selection)

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Houston



Located in South Florida, the state-of-the art Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA Campus (Broward County Stadium) is home to all Paris Saint-Germain Academies in North America. The campus hosts the world’s first and only Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro Residency that welcomes elite international players from all over the globe.

Throughout the season, Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA players get access to unique events and exposure opportunities at this state-of-the art facility.

High-level competitive events at the home of Paris Saint-Germain in the U.S.

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA Campus regularly hosts elite training programs, high-performance camps & clinics, highly competitive national and international tournaments and events, as well as scouting and recruitment events (ID Camps & Showcases). Throughout the season, Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA players are selected and invited to participate in exclusive events and competitions held at the Campus, allowing them to get exposure to reach the next level.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Houston



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Paris Saint-Germain Academy is dedicated to fully supporting the future of its student-athletes. Players who wish to receive a college education through scholarships will receive exposure opportunities and guidance in the application and recruitment processes.

Id Camps and showcase​

(U15 - U17)

A group of high-potential soccer players may be selected to participate in elite tournaments and different ID Camps & Showcases with coaches from Colleges & Universities, the MLS, etc.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Houston
Paris Saint-Germain Academy Houston



Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA is proud to partner with the International Center of European Football, the world’s leading pro football academies, giving student-athletes the opportunity and unique access to play and pursue their careers in one of its three Academy locations around the world.

The International Center of European Football

(U13 - U19)​

High potential PSG Academy players have the opportunity to try out for the International Center of European Football, designed to foster and expertly develop high-potential football players with a clearly defined goal: to accelerate their development so they can pursue their professional football careers. At The ICEF student-athletes receive individualized professional preparation, are immersed in a very competitive environment, and receive exposure opportunities to top professional teams, organizations and prestigious universities around the world. During The ICEF’s 10-month boarding program players follow a unique professional player regimen in a world-class environment and get exposed to the next level.

Different length programs are available from 1 week to 10 months.

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FC Miami City is Paris Saint-Germain Academy Florida’s Premier Team and Miami’s official soccer team exposing our players to opportunities at the collegiate level and the MLS.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Houston
Paris Saint-Germain Academy Houston

USL Academy League / USL Academy Cup

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Players have the possibility to be drawn to play with our FC Miami City youth teams in the first edi- tion of the USL Academy League, one of the highest levels of youth soccer competition in the U.S.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Houston

USL League 2 Team

The most talented U17, U18, and U19 players from Paris Saint-Germain Academy Los Angeles have the opportunity to be selected to train and be offered a spot on the USL League 2 team of FC Miami City.

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Paris Saint-Germain Academy Houston