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Paris Saint-Germain Academy is one of the largest youth soccer networks in the world, developing and fostering high potential players.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Los Angeles players are part of this global network that provides a world-class development pathway spreading Paris Saint-Germain’s methodology, philosophy, and identity of excellence.

The academy provides players with a unique year-round program implemented by a professional coaching staff.


Paris Saint-Germain Academy provides a rich learning environment for players of all levels by providing exceptional training, exposure, and opportunities both in the United States and Europe. Paris Saint-Germain Academy players follow the world-class PSG training programs with the same methodology and philosophy as the professional youth academy in Paris.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy offers its players unique opportunities and elite avenues to pursue their dreams of playing soccer at the highest level possible.

Every year, PSG Academy players are given opportunities to participate in Paris Saint-Germain events in Paris and in the U.S. (Paris Saint-Germain Academy World Cup, Selection Camps, etc.)

To learn more about the opportunity, we invite you to take a look here: https://www.psgacademyla.com/opportunities/

Apart from technical and tactical skills, PSG Academy players are also trained to be smart, physically prepared and mentally strong players with an excellent understanding of the game. This includes high levels of confidence and preparation for competition.


PSG Academy LA offers training programs and teams for players between 5 and 17 years old.


Our prices vary depending on the program you are interested in:

Future Stars (Recreational Program):
– $100 registration fees + $135/month (2 training sessions/week)
– $100 registration fees + $85/month (1 training session/week)

Competitive/Travel Teams:
– $350 registration fees + $215/month (3 training sessions/week)
– $350 registration fees + $125/month (2 training sessions/week)

We accept debit or credit card payments and will request the registration fee and the first month fee when you register on our website.

No refunds will be granted if you decide to withdraw your child from any of the PSG Academy camps, clinics or teams.

The registration fees or monthly payments do not include the Paris Saint-Germain Academy uniforms. Prior to the start of the season, you will be prompted to purchase them from our uniform partner, Soccer.com.

Please note that Academy fees also do not include league fees, referee fees, tournament fees or Coaches expenses for any tournament (hotel, mileage, and/or meals)

We offer two types of discounts. There is a 5% discount for Academy fees if you pay for the program in full. There is also a 10% discount per sibling.

No refunds will be granted, except in the case of severe injuries or sickness resulting in a prolonged absence from soccer activities.

By selecting your child to a PSG Academy LA team, we have reserved a spot for the full season that could have otherwise be allotted to another player. Any interruption or cancellation request does not terminate the financial liability towards the club. All fees will be due, and all collected fees will be retained by the club.


Registrations can be made online via our website www.psgacademyla.com. Please keep in mind that for our competitive program, registrations will only be accepted after passing tryouts.

Yes, but please keep in mind that it will depend on availability in the category you are interested in and to join a competitive team, registrations will only be accepted after passing tryouts.

Our camps and clinics offer players a one-time opportunity to experience our training programs led by our professional PSG Academy coaches.

As soon as you register for a program, you should receive an automatic confirmation email. If not, please contact us at [email protected].


PSG Academy LA has multiple locations in the Los Feliz area. We play at Griffith Park and at the John Ferraro soccer fields.

To find out the location of your next game, please ask your coach, as he/she is responsible for communicating the location to their respective teams, as well as meeting point for the game.

You can find parking along the side of practice.

Feel free to contact [email protected] for any information about bringing a Paris Saint-Germain program near you. 

Depending on the program you are in, some competitions (friendly games, tournaments etc.) may occur at different locations across Los Angeles and out of the state.


At PSG Academy LA, we offer a Recreational Program called the Future Stars program, as well as Competitive/Travel teams. We also organize camps and clinics throughout the year.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy players follow the world-class Paris Saint-Germain training programs, with the same methodology and philosophy as the professional youth academy in Paris.

The program focuses on developing players’ long-term technical and tactical skills, strength, and confidence. We deliver an understanding of the game and transmit soccer values such as fair play, commitment, and team spirit.

Every player in the Future Stars Recreational Program is trained by the official Paris Saint-Germain Academy Technical Team and is prepared to get into a competitive team.

At Paris Saint-Germain Academy LA, we offer programs for players of all levels, from camps and clinics to recreational and competitive programs.

PSG Academy is focused on player development, offering qualified players exposure to professional soccer in the United States through FC Miami City, Miami’s official Soccer Team (USL League 2), through participation in elite tournaments and ID Camps & Showcases, as well as exposure to European soccer (International Center of European Football).

Yes, we evaluate players throughout their training programs, at the beginning, middle, and end, to make sure their reach their full potential throughout the season. A player may move up or down a level, if needed or appropriate.

The training sessions last 1 hour to 1.5 hours based on age group.

Our schedule can be found online at www.psgacademyla.com.

You can find all the information about our suspension and cancellation policy in our terms and conditions at https://www.psgacademyla.com/terms-and-conditions/.


Paris Saint-Germain Academy prides itself on recruiting the highest qualified and rated coaching staff. All PSG Academy coaches are officially US licensed, and/or former professional players in Europe or the United States.

The PSG Academy LA Technical Staff consists of a PSG Academy LA Technical Director in charge of supervising all Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches.

PSG Academy coaches are experienced in professional soccer and youth development and part of a Paris Saint-Germain development program. They receive visits several times a year from the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Technical Directors from the PSG Academy Headquarters in Paris and in the U.S. Our PSG certified coaches are constantly monitored and trained to implement the official PSG Academy programs through clinics, seminars, workshops, and assessments.


Training sessions will be interrupted in case of heavy rain and/or thunderstorms. If weather conditions become increasingly dangerous, we will contact you to pick up your children.

You can find all the information about our suspension and cancellation policy in our terms and conditions at https://www.psgacademyla.com/terms-and-conditions/.

Upon registration to your desired program, you will receive all important information through the different channels the Academy uses to keep parents informed about trainings, schedules and more.
(Most likely you will receive an email or you will be able to stay updated via Instagram or Facebook posts.)


For every training and game, players must bring:
– Official Paris Saint-Germain Academy uniform: (purchased through our partner Soccer.com). Once the player is registered, you will receive a link to order the uniform.
– Soccer shoes (turf)
– Shin-guards
– Water
– Gloves (for Goalkeepers only)

Uniforms are not included in the Academy fees. They must be purchased through our partner Soccer.com prior to the start of your program. Once the player is registered, you will receive a link prompting you to order the uniform.

All uniforms (required and additional) can be purchased all year long through Soccer.com.

Players must bring their water bottles and/or snacks to the training sessions, as they are not provided. Only water is allowed on the field.


PSG Academy does not provide transportation for any of their programs or events (Camps, Games, etc…).

Players must be on-time and ready for practices and games. We ask that parents are on time for drop-off and pick up, when appropriate. There are no early drop off or late pickups allowed.


Players must bring:
– Soccer uniform: uniforms must be purchased through our partner Soccer.com prior to the camps. Once the player is registered, you will receive a link to order the uniform.
– Soccer shoes (turf)
– Shin-guards
– Water
– Gloves (for Goalkeepers only)
For full day camps, please bring your lunch, snacks and beverages.

No refunds will be granted if you decide to withdraw your children from any of the PSG Academy camps and clinics or teams.

Through PSG Academy’s summer camps, players receive a smooth introduction to the official PSG Academy training programs, supervised by the highest rated youth and soccer professionals in Los Angeles.

Each day, players will develop different techniques and learn the Paris Saint-Germain renowned training methodology to improve as soccer players.

Training groups will be created on the first day, based on age, level, skills and abilities.

Morning session: work through various stations covering technical training, physical coordination, and game-like situations.

Lunch on-site in the shade with PSG Academy coaches and staff (lunch is not provided).

Afternoon: focus on game-like situations (small-sided games, full field games, occupation of field space, games played to the width, etc.) applying the topics of the day.

The last day of the camp, a ceremony will be held.

We will make reasonable efforts to keep the schedule as it has been published; however, the final schedule may vary due to factors beyond our control.


Yes, Paris Saint-Germain Academy Los Angeles provides soccer training to boys and girls of all levels, from 5 to 17 years old.

The recreational program, as well as all camps and clinics, provide an introduction to the world-class Paris Saint-Germain methodology, tailored to players of all levels. They do not require players to attend a tryout session or to be selected to register.
For our PSG Academy competitive/travel teams, players must undergo the tryout process in order to be eligible. Our official tryout schedule and availability depends on each player’s category.

The registration for our tryouts is online, and depends on the availability of the category you are interested in.

To register for our tryout waiting list, you can go to https://www.psgacademyla.com/tryouts/.

Our official tryouts schedule and availability depend on the category you are interested in. You can register to our waiting list using the link https://www.psgacademyla.com/tryouts/.

Once you are on our waiting list, we will let you know if or when a spot in your category becomes available. If there is a spot available, we will help you to plan a tryout session accordingly. 


Parents will be provided with Academy guidelines, designed to explain the Academy policies regarding parent behavior, commitment and regulations according to the Academies’ expectations.

It will vary upon the teams. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact your coach or contact us at [email protected]

Yes, among some of the recommendations for the parents, we expect you to:

-Be supportive of all players and coaches on the field.

-Refrain from criticizing opponents and act positively toward all players and coaches on the field.

-Respect the coaches’ work and decisions during practices and games.

-Refrain from being on the field and respect the delimited areas.

-Respect all referees, opponents, parents, etc.

-Avoid “coaching” from the sideline. It will confuse the player. 


Please contact us if you would like to organize a soccer birthday party.

Yes, we do offer private training sessions with the PSG Academy coaches. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested. 


You can send us an email  to [email protected] or use the link https://www.psgacademyla.com/contact/ and we will be happy to follow up with any questions you might have!